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E.A.F. Roofs

Ladle-Furnace Roofs

Refractory shapes for use in continuous casting operations in various dimensions:

  • Impact Plates

  • Tundish Boxes

  • Wellblocks

  • Dams - Flow Barriers

  • Casting Starter Tubes

  • Tundish Lids

  • Custom designs

A wide variety of materials and products is available, specially developed for Steel plant operations:

  • Refractory furnace linings of all types

  • Repair materials

  • Insulation 

References are available upon request. 



Indicative presentation of various Tundish products.

Dimensions and weights are adjusted accordingly 

Monolithic Roofs -Up to 6,000 kg

Monolithic ducts up to 3m. diameter - High resistance - Local repair for increased life.  

Special metal constructions with refarctory lining.

Tundish lids - Sturdy construction - Choice of materials

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