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Our company has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of cast refractory shapes in every size and form.  

We supply refractory materials and products to the Metal Processing Industries. 

We provide constant and high quality results for our customers every time.  

Adherence to quality procedures

Our production team is dedicated to the strict procedures of all stages in the production line of our products.

We undertake metal structures incorporating refractory/insulating linings for applications that require complex structures and rapid installation.


The materials we use belong to the category of Monolithic Refractory Materials, a branch which has offered many and important innovations compared to other traditional refractory products such as bricks.  

Considerable progress has been made in the composition and production of Monolithic Refractory Materials in recent decades, developments that we monitor and are able to propose to you by offering solutions. 

ΚΑΝΑΛΙΑ ΡΟΗΣ ΑΛΟΥΜΙΝΙΟΥ - κατασκευή χυτών πυρίμαχων σχημάτων  κάθε διάστασης και γεωμετρίας
ΔΟΧΕΙΟ ΚΡΟΥΣΗΣ ΜΕΣΑ ΣΕ TUNDISH - παραγωγή Προκατασκευασμένων Πυρίμαχων Σχημάτων (Precast Refractory Shapes)

We specialize in the production of Precast Refractory Shapes which we cast and dry in our specially designed facilities. 

Precast Shapes are ready for immediate installation and use without the need for additional processing, saving time and labor cost.  

They can be used with considerable success in applications with high temperatures, presenting very good resistance to hot friction and increased resistance to thermal fluctuations (thermal shock).

The future 

Precast Refractory Products have now replaced, if not, have significantly assisted in applications where refractory bricks and/or isostatic refractory press blocks were previously used.    

With our experienced know-how in the production of Prefabricated Refractory Shapes our products are applicable, but not restricted, to: 

Steel mills
Aluminum Industries
Cement industries
Lime Production Industries
Metal Foundries
Ceramic Industries

Waste Management Industries

Our customers rely on the high quality of our materials and the excellent technical training of our people.  

Our company has the ability to offer you refractory application solutions adapted to the needs of your own production. 

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