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Precast Launders/Troughs for the flow transfer of molten Aluminum offer excellent service life.

Launders of various shapes and dimensions can be made with a choice of materials according to requirements:

  • Bends

  • Straight

  • T-shaped

  • Y-Shaped Branches


Prefabricated Refractory Shapes in Melting, Holding and Heat Treatment Furnaces offer quick turn around furnace time and long service life.

We have a wide variety of materials and products specially designed for Aluminum Industries:


  • Refractory furnace linings of all types

  • Repair materials

  • Insulation 


References are available upon request. 



Fully customized Launder design  - Fast replacement - Long service life

Construction of refractory shapes in full parameterization according to requirements.

Special shapes for flow control of aluminum in transfer or casting lines.

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