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Custom made constructions are our Specialty!


We have the experience, equipment and technical training to undertake the manufacturing of:

  • Refractory shapes in almost any size and form, weighing up to 6,000kg, with maximum  length/diameter up to 3m.

  • Composite structures which incorporate internal metallic frames designed for enhanced strength.

  • Refractory linings with external metallic structures, according to given specifications.

  • Cutting, shaping, welding and surface treatment of iron and special alloys. 

Custom designs.


  • Refractory Lining of Burner Ducts 

  • Refractory Lining for Rotary Kiln Ash Transfer Pipes - Increased Resistance to Abrasion, Chemical attack and/or Thermal

  • In-house Mould making – conversions – improvements

  • Quick production and dispatch in situations where fast replacement is required



Various custom made shapes

Mould construction / Repairs /Modifications

Special constructions according to your design and application parameters

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